Austin Greenburg
Volunteer of the Month - April

In the past year, LSW staff and volunteers have faced some interesting challenges as we navigated the world of virtual education. Volunteer, Austin Greenburg, is certainly no stranger to the varying degrees of energy, effort, and quick creative thinking required to deliver classes online.

Austin began volunteering as an HSED Language Arts class coach with LSW in the fall of 2020 for the evening class of 20 students. Today, he continues this role for a class of 40 HSED students! Austin’s classroom support has been invaluable. Between his assistance fielding student questions, helping students (and instructors) troubleshoot tech issues, and delivering thought provoking mini-lessons, his contributions have been vital to the HSED program. In addition, Austin has spent countless hours providing individualized support outside class and late into the evening.

We could share a long list of quotes from HSED students and instructors thanking Austin for his time and support – but that would be several pages long. They all include the same sentiment: Austin, I could not have done this without you.

Austin, we are so grateful for your spirit of volunteerism and thank you for your support to the LSW HSED instructors and your unwavering dedication to the students whose lives you have made a positive impact.