Literacy Services & Milwaukee Achiever Merge…

Literacy Services & Milwaukee Achiever Merge to Strengthen Adult Education and Workforce Development Services (May 11, 2017) – Milwaukee, Wis. – The largest community-based organizations providing adult education programs in Southeastern Wisconsin – Literacy Services of Wisconsin (LSW) and Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services (MALS) – will combine operations to expand their reach to students and […]

Art’s Story

Hi, my name is Art, and I’m a student here at Literacy Services. This is my story.  Many years ago, I was in a six-month alcohol and drug program at Matt Talbot Recovery Services. One guy there was going to Literacy Services. He asked me if I wanted to go with him and enroll there. […]

Strategic Planning

Making Plans

Assistant Director of Operations, Robin Brisco, and GED Tutor Volunteer, Chris Colby, are two of the forty people gathered at our full day strategic planning session. How do people make decisions? How do they chart a course of action, grapple with the big question about why am I here? What is my purpose? I have […]

Your support has changed 403 lives so far this year!

I came into work this morning needing a second cup of coffee. I had so many thoughts whirring through my mind as I pondered writing you today. Here’s some of them…Sherman Park, elections, education, Jessica, systems, racism, privilege, my dad, unearned disadvantage, Jerome, history, opportunity, change, hope, Richard, recognition, kindness, power… When I made my […]

GED Graduation

One of the greatest perks of being a tutor in LSW/GED is when a student passes his/her last test. There are often screams, usually hugs, and most always, tears of joy on the faces of both tutor and student. These emotions are even more intense at the citywide GED Commencement at MATC, which I experienced […]

Once in a Generation Chance

I am guessing that you’ve heard something about the building boom that is happening in Milwaukee. Currently, there are $7.2 billion dollars in construction projects planned or underway. Already employers are desperate for qualified workers and in our city there are thousands of adults on the employment sidelines. We have an imperative and the once-in-a-generation […]


I am often amazed by the students who come to Literacy Services. I’m struck by a variety of qualities: dedication, humility, humor, curiosity. Mostly, I’m struck by how hard they work. The successful students make gains, increase their literacy levels, and achieve all kinds of accomplishments. When things get challenging, those students work harder. When […]

Beyond GED

When Literacy Services of Wisconsin student Nikita Jones first enrolled in the GED program, he already had his high school diploma. So why, then, did he begin studying with us? Did he want to get another secondary school credential just for fun?  As “fun” as that might be, Nik, not surprisingly, has a different goal […]

Celebrating our Stories

Last year all of us at Literacy Services have spent a lot of time reflecting on half a century of providing educational programs for undereducated adults in our community. The milestone of our 50th Anniversary  inspired many to wonder where our former students are now and how their lives have been impacted by the time […]