From tutors who work one-on-one with our students, to those who support our events and fundraising activities, we're grateful for the generosity, dedication, and commitment of all our volunteers. Our volunteer program is comprised of a diverse group of respected and engaged volunteers who increase our capacity to fulfill our mission with their gift of service. For more information about volunteer opportunities, call us at (414) 344-5878 or email volunteer@literacyservices.org.

What does it take to be a tutor?

Each of us has our own set of unique skills, but not all of us have the combination of skills needed to be an effective tutor. We use a matching process to determine if someone would be a good fit. The first step is to begin to evaluate your skills, abilities, and interests to see if they match the qualifications we seek in tutors. Use the following questions to gauge if you are a good candidate for tutoring:

  • Are you 18 years of age or older and have some college experience?
  • Are you able to commit to tutoring for at least one 90 minute session a week for a period of 6 months?
  • Are you able to explain things using simplified language?
  • Are you patient, compassionate, supportive, enthusiastic, and reliable?
  • Are you able to follow directions to ensure consistency of instruction?
  • Do you have a valid email address and regular email access?

How do I apply?

Step One

Watch our orientation video and learn more about how you can contribute to student success.

Step Two

When you are ready to apply, please complete and submit an online volunteer application.

Step Three

After you apply, we'll contact you for specific training in your desired area of volunteering.

Meet volunteer tutor, Paul.

Soft-spoken and accessible, Paul has been a vital part of the Downtown Adult Basic Education (ABE) team for two years. Paul and his wife came to an orientation at LSW and planned to become tutors together. Tragically, his spouse passed away unexpectedly, but Paul continued on with training and became a tutor to honor her memory. Paul tutors four or more sessions per week, and he is the go-to tutor for new ABE students in both reading and math. He is wonderfully perceptive at identifying the best methods to instruct each student, no matter what challenges they may have. Paul is always happy to come in to help cover when ABE is short-handed. He also attends drop-in math tutoring regularly, and he helped immensely in the creation of the basic math curriculum. Every student who works with Paul comes away feeling important, smart, and capable. Many students who initially seem unmotivated or disengaged return to LSW and stay involved as a direct result of working with Paul. Downtown ABE is very fortunate to have him on the team!