COVID Policy Update May 2022

COVID Policy Update  May 31, 2022 Beginning Tuesday, May 31st , LSW will require all students, volunteers, and staff to wear masks at all our locations. This is in response to the CDC having moved Milwaukee County into its “High” risk classification. We continuously monitor the spread of COVID-19 at a national, state, and local level while […]

Gilbert & Cecilia

Break new ground. Leave no stone unturned. Turn the tide… What do the phrases above have in common? If your answer is that all three are examples of idioms, then you are correct! Yes, these are all idioms, expressions that have meanings that often cannot be deduced directly from the individual words in the saying. […]

2022 COVID Policy Update

COVID Policy Update  March 31, 2022 LSW continues to prioritize the safety of our staff, volunteers, and students. In January, LSW postponed in-person classes in response to the Omicron variant. Since then, in-person classes have resumed as usual and LSW has maintained a mask requirement while onsite at all locations, along with a health check […]

Innovator in Secondary Education Credentialing

Literacy Services of Wisconsin and WRTP/BIG STEP’s Multi-Craft Core Curriculum High School Equivalency Diploma Recognized Nationally as an Innovative Practice in Adult Education   Multi-Craft Core Curriculum High School Equivalency Diploma to Join Online Showcase of Innovative Practices on September 22 during National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week   [Milwaukee, WI, September 21, 2020] […]