Parking at Downtown Center

Welcome! There are three free parking options for visitors of Literacy Services.
To help save the agency money, please use option #1 when possible, before proceeding to additional parking options.

Gimbel's Parking Entrance

Option #1:

Park in designated spots on our rooftop. Enter the parking structure (Gimbel’s Parking) on West Michigan Ave. Drive to the roof (3rd Floor). Look for an open parking space with a Literacy Services sign. You must display a Literacy Services decal inside your windshield on the driver’s side. If you do not have one, visit our front desk with your license plate number. Do not use ticket machine.

Sign Example

Option #2:

Park in unmarked spots on our rooftop. You may also use parking spots without our logo if designated spots are not available on our rooftop. When using these spots, you must report your license plate number to the receptionist upon arrival. Do not park on any level except the rooftop.

Shops of Grand Ave Entrance

Option #3:

Park at The Shops of Grand Avenue. When all spaces are full at Literacy Services, additional free parking is available across Michigan Ave. (North on Plankinton) in the Shops of Grand Avenue parking lot. To enter the parking structure, turn left from Plankinton Avenue and pull a ticket from the main entrance gate. Park your vehicle on any level except the first floor and proceed to Literacy Services with your ticket.

When leaving Literacy Services, show the receptionist your Shops of Grand Avenue parking ticket and we will affix a paid voucher sticker to the ticket. As you leave the parking structure insert the ticket into their pay machine. You will then be allowed to leave the parking structure for free!