Student Voices: Edwin

Edwin Gonzalez is from Panama City, Panama. Edwin has been a student at LSW since November of 2019. Edwin has incredible talent and hopes to pursue his dreams of being a photojournalist here in the United States. When he’s not snapping photos, he’s at home drinking coffee with his wife, Mariah, and playing with his two cats, Magnus & Goku.

What made you decide on pursuing photojournalism?

I did photography when I was 17 years old, but I wasn’t a photojournalist. When I was 19 years old I received an offer to be part of the photojournalist’s team of one newspaper, and I accepted immediately. To me, being a photojournalist is not just taking photos or a simple “click”; it’s the story behind each photo. One photo could make people be part of each story. That’s what I try to transmit with my work.

Can you tell us about some of your recently published work?

I worked as a photojournalist for 9 years at two different newspapers in my country, but after I moved, I was just doing photography for my social media. After the news about George Floyd’s death, protests around the country need[ed] to be documented, so I decided to cover the protests here in Milwaukee. Finally, after two years without any of my photos published in a news media, two local newspapers contacted me asking for my photos. Shepherd Express and Milwaukee Magazine used my photos on their website.

Photojournalism is almost like communicating in another language. What types of stories do you enjoy telling with your images?

I like to transport people to the place where I took the photo. There are many stories to tell; a story could take two or three paragraphs, but just with one photo, we can transmit the news. In Panama, I used to walk a lot looking for a story, I loved that my photo would be part of the newspaper cover. That was my goal every day. I loved the protest; I really love it.

"There are many stories to tell; a story that could take two or three paragraphs, but with just one photo, we can transmit the news."

What are some exciting opportunities or accomplishments that you have received since being a photojournalist?

I have been in places that I could never imagine. Definitely, this career gives me new experiences, like taking photos from a helicopter or taking photos of an important person. But of course, there are some accomplishments that remind me that my work has value.

How has LSW been a part of your professional growth?

I need to speak English well because my career demands it, so LSW has helped me a lot with this challenge. Before being part of LSW I was learning English at another place, but since I started at LSW my English has gotten better. My confidence to speak in public or just try to say something without any insecurity. Of course, there are some days when I feel shy or insecure about my English, but this is part of learning. 


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