Literacy Services of Wisconsin's ELL program supports other world language speaking students with reading, writing, spelling, and verbal skills. Our students currently come from over 50 different countries or 25% of the world.

This program focuses on the needs of students from these countries and many more around the world. It provides one-on-one instruction in reading, writing, spelling, and verbal skills for non-English speakers.

In addition to academic achievement, ELL students also work to achieve goals such as employment, housing, driver licenses, and, ultimately, U.S. We are proud to offer a community engagement program which will take ELL students to relevant institutions in and around our Milwaukee community and educate them about the services and history of notable places.citizenship.

Meet Mehrnaz


Mehrnaz, who is from Iran, has been a student at Literacy Services since April of 2015. Her primary goal in coming to LSW was to be comfortable in speaking English combined with hopes of attending a local university. Mehrnaz received a Masters Degree in Biology in Animal Development as a university student in Iran. She is currently considering a doctorate program in neuroscience. Since enrolling in our program, she has demonstrated a desire to learn that sets her apart. In addition to her studies, Mehrnaz has reached out to find opportunities to become a volunteer herself. She is presently working as a volunteer at Aurora Mount Sinai hospital.



• ELL teaches students to:

• Communicate in social and professional settings
• Engage in academic tasks
• Use English in socially and culturally appropriate ways
• Attain their short and long-term goals
• Participate in community events

• Given the rich collection of cultures in this program, volunteer tutors in ELL constantly comment on how much they learn from students during class.