The reading program utilizes a phonics-based multi-sensory curriculum that assists a variety of students in achieving their goals. Students are continually evaluated to monitor their progress, including assessments at intake and comparing scores after six months.

The average student attends three hours of one-on-one tutoring a week at our convenient downtown location. Students advance at their own pace and many discover a new confidence in their abilities.

Our specialized mode of "one tutor/one student" has a direct effect on student development. The communication that is built is a lasting bond that inspires and motivates student and tutor alike.


Meet Jasper


As a kitchen worker at a high-end restaurant for nearly a decade, Jasper longed to enroll in culinary school to advance his career. First he had to get a high school diploma. He came to Literacy Services in early 2015 and it was immediately apparent that Jasper was extremely bright, highly motivated, and a very fast learner. Jasper finished the entire Wilson Reading program in less than two years and has shown dramatic, remarkable improvements in reading and writing. Now a confident reader, Jasper is closing in on his goal of entering a high school diploma program in pursuit of his culinary dreams.



• The ABE program had an average of 147 active students each month and served a total of 245 students in 2013. Individualized studies are developed for each student based on student goals and needs.

• Of the ABE students tested in 2013, 95% improved both their reading and spelling scores. This was made possible by the total of 149 trained, compassionate tutors active in the ABE program in 2013. Their dedication and personalized instruction makes the difference!